Meet the Life Token Team

Life Token (LTN) is driven by a team of four passionate founders who collectively bring over 15 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. Their combined expertise spans various domains, including blockchain technology, financial management, strategic marketing, and community building. Each founder is dedicated to leveraging their knowledge and skills to revolutionize the crypto industry and bridge the gap between the digital and real-world. By focusing on innovation, integrity, and mental health advocacy, they aim to make Life Token a leading force in offering accessible, affordable mental health support through blockchain technology.


CEO & Founder

Based in Ireland, Dara is an ambitious, determined leader with a profound history of working with blockchain. He established Life Token as a response to the rapid rise in global suicide rates since the Covid-19 pandemic. As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Life Token, Dara led the previous Life Token project on the Binance Smart Chain to an impressive $100 million market cap. Dara demonstrates his transparency and growth mindset through his focus on reaching out to those affected by the suicide crisis in today’s world.


Co Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Pris, one of the Co-Founders and CFO here at Life Token, hails from Ireland. He is responsible for the financial structure behind the scenes, processing charity donations, and handling all other expenses for the token. Pris brings over 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to the team. His extensive background ensures that Life Token's financial operations run smoothly and efficiently, contributing significantly to the project's success and its mission of suicide prevention.



Chud Crentis, based in the USA, is another key member of our team, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer. With a wealth of connections to many partnerships and companies, Chud provides Life Token with invaluable advice on marketing strategies, creating pitch decks, and fostering relationships with potential investors and collaborators. His expertise in public relations and marketing plays a crucial role in driving the project’s visibility and growth, ensuring that Life Token’s mission reaches a wider audience.

El Tomaso


El Tomaso, based in Lithuania, is the Chief Operating Officer at Life Token. At 35 years old, he has been actively involved in the crypto space for over 2-3 years, with a strong focus on making it his primary source of income. El Tomaso is passionate about traveling and leverages his extensive experience in operations and management to oversee Life Token’s daily activities. His dedication to learning and growing within the crypto industry is pivotal to the strategic development and operational success of Life Token.

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