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Welcome to our donation page, here you can see our previous donations we have made to charities along our journey. If you have any suggestions for charities we should donate to next please get in touch!

Why we Donate

Life Token was founded to assist those who feel alone, worthless, depressed, those who see life as meaningless. Here at Life Token we want to give everybody an equal opportunity to help prevent suicide. We donate to charities who's goals is to aid those in desperate need, to give people that second chance they never got before, to see the world through different eyes, to show the world why life is worth living.

We believe in empowering our community by allowing them to play a direct role in our mission. By raising funds and letting our community choose the charities we support, we ensure that our donations have a meaningful impact. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and collective responsibility, encouraging long-term engagement and support for our cause.

Our blockchain-based platform ensures transparency and security in all transactions. By leveraging advanced technology, we minimize transaction fees and maximize the impact of every donation. Our system has undergone rigorous audits for code integrity and security, ensuring that funds are managed safely and efficiently. With Life Token, donors can trust that their contributions are making a real difference.

We are committed to maintaining steady and sustainable growth through our innovative fundraising strategies. By engaging with our community and providing regular updates on our progress, we build trust and encourage continuous support. Our approach protects against market volatility and ensures that our mission to support mental health and prevent suicide remains steadfast and impactful.

Donate to Life Token to help give back to Suicide Prevention

Donate to Life Token

Donate to Life Token to help give back to Suicide Prevention

This is our most recent Donation to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Our Donations

Donation 1: $1000 donation to Crisis Text Line

Donation 2: $1200 donation to Jem foundation

Donation 3: $10000 donation to Experience Camps

Donation 4: $3000 donation to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention